Southern California Sport Fishing

Hot fishing off the coast of Southern California. 

Fishing is hot off the coast of Southern California, with record numbers of Tuna and Yellowtail being caught as close as nine miles from point Loma. In previous years, sport fishing boats would head out of San Diego Bay and continue on their 180 degree heading for 60-200 miles to reach the warmer waters off the coast of Baja Mexico. This year, the coastal waters off Southern California have reached record highs, allowing fisherman to stay in US waters which has multiple benefits. Shorter runs to fishing spots saves fuel and increases fishing time. There's also no need for Mexican Fishing License, or FMM sport fishing license for Mexico. And most important, Blue Fin Tuna is still on the menu

Two Beautiful Yellowtail speared 12 Miles Offshore San Diego

Book your luxury fishing and sailing excursion today to be a part of the exceptional Southern California fishing season. We have multiple boat options for conventional and spear fishing trips. 


-Capt. Brock Passarella